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Square Dance Links

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Square Dance Call Definitions

Link to Callerlab Basic and Mainstream definitions

Click here for visually Animated Square Dance Definitions for most levels. This site has an amazing collection of visual dance definitions from most all positions. A great place to visit before or after a dance or class.

TANinations - Another site with Square Dance animations, brought to us by Brad Christie and the Tam Twirlers Square Dance Club, in San Rafael, CA

Square Dancer Resources


A Square D is the organization that promotes square dancing on the local, state, and national level. The organization hosts the national conventions. Through A Square D the associated clubs obtain low-cost primary liability and secondary medical insurance. 


Mixed-up Square and Round Dancing- A very nice site

Vic and Debbie Ceder's Square Dance Resource Net 

This site has all kinds of data bases - Calls, Callers, Clubs, - and that's just the Cs.

Where's the Dance This site has a very complete database of dances- they go out and find Club dance schedules. You put in your Zip code, select what level of square dance or type of dance (Round, Cogging, etc), and the list of dances will be displayed in your choice of several formats. Or you can see a schedule for a specific club. Very cool.

Western Square Dancing  provides a lot of information and links. It's very complete. In addition to the information about square dancing, callers, and the geographical listing of square dance groups on the web, it also has a section on tips for making a good square dance page.

Come Dance with Us is a web page by Don and Betty Slack. They have gathered a lot of club fliers and links for LA, Ventura and Orange County clubs on their website.

Square Dance Clubs in Orange County, CA

These groups are also listed in the Orange County, CA Square Dancing section.

Church Mice have Plus level dances on the third Saturday night of the month.

Ichabod Squares  is a plus level square dance club that dances the third Friday of every month.

Orange Coast Lariats dance in Garden Grove on the second Friday of the month.

Ramblin' Rogues of Mission Viejo dance the Fourth Friday of the month.


Square Dancing Outside of Orange County

@LA Dancing gives a list of clubs in the area.
You must wait for their page to fully load before clicking on anything or it will not automatically index to square dancing.

Bakersfield Area Info

Japan Crossroads Squares-  outside Tokyo, in the city of Yotsukaido


Vic Ceder's  Website 
Check out his huge caller database, cuer database, event database, special events and more. There is also "How callers can use MP3 files and a laptop instead of 45 RPM records."

Bill "Tex" Gipson Our club class and workshop Teacher/Caller

Jerry& Janice Jestin's Home Page-  Jerry Jestin has been calling since 1967, while Janice has been teaching clogging for 18 years.

Vic (&  Shanuna) Karria' Home Page.

Mike Luna's page, including links to internet streamed square dance shows.

Johnny Preston's Home Page . 

Do you believe he's been calling since he was 9 years old?
Visit with "Romney Tannehill" and find out more about him and Square Dancing at   This site has a lot of information and gets updated regularly.

Rick Hampton Visalia-Fresno-Bakersfield Ca


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